Frequently Asked Questions


Are you doing virtual interviews?

Yes, all interviews for the entering fellowship class (for internal and external candidates) will be conducted by Zoom. Additional details will be provided to applicants who are selected for interviews. 

How many fellowship spots do you have?

We have 7 spots for the general cardiology fellowship.

How many candidates do you interview?

Approximately 45 external candidates and 10-15 internal candidates each year. 

How do you decide who to interview?

We carefully consider all applications that are submitted through the ERAS application process and have a team of reviewers who holistically review each application in detail to decide on interviews.

When will you notify applicants that they will be interviewed?

The timeline this year has been pushed back, but we hope to have all invitations out by the end of August.

If I do not receive an interview but really want to train at UCSF is there anything I can do?

If you have a strong interest in our training program and feel you are a competitive candidate we suggest you have your program director or a faculty member who knows you well at your institution email or call us to describe your interests and strengths. We can then reassess your application and decide on whether you can be placed on a wait-list for additional interviews. Each year we do take several individuals off the waitlist to interview and given the level of competition for interview spots (less than 1 in 10 applicants will get an interview) and the difficulty in selecting candidates to interview, we are always willing to reconsider applications that our committee did not initially approve for an interview. 

Where do fellows live in SF?

Our fellows live all over the city although about half live in the Inner Sunset district where the main UCSF hospital is located due to convenience and a slightly lower cost of living. Other popular neighbors amongst our fellows are Cole Valley, the Richmond, Haight Ashbury, NoPa, and Mission Bay. UCSF also offers various subsidized housing options that you can apply for. Please visit the UCSF Campus Life Services for more information:


Will I be able to afford to live in SF on a fellows salary?

Yes! In addition to your PGY-level salary, UCSF offers an annual housing stipend of ~$12,000 ($1,000/month) to help offset the higher cost of living. All fellows also receive meal allowances at each of the 3 hospital sites in addition to breakfast and lunch most days of the week during conferences.

Does the fellowship offer additional stipends for education and conferences?

Yes. Each fellow has a $1000 education stipend and attends a minimum of one major national cardiology meeting (AHA, ACC) each year. Fellows can also receive up to $1200 per year from the UCSF Housestaff Incentive Plan dependent on performance on institutional and program-specific quality improvement metrics.

Is the fellowship “family-friendly”?

Yes of course! We welcome and celebrate babies here at UCSF and three of our fellows currently have young children with one more on the way later this year. We offer maternity and paternity leave up to an additional 4 weeks. UCSF offers child care facilities in a variety of locations across the city and a child care referral service to help identify additional resources. Nannies are available although they can be expensive and some faculty and fellows share nannies to reduce the cost.


How much vacation time will I receive?

Fellows receive four weeks of vacation total as two-week blocks each half of the year and four days off during two out of the three major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years).

How does the fellowship prioritize wellness?

We take pride in our collegial and supportive training culture at UCSF. While your clinical years will be busy, we value your well-being and work/life integration is important to us. Each fellow is part of a small group with a faculty mentor that meets quarterly to discuss various topics centered on wellness and preventing burn-out. Our fellows are also a social group and meet monthly for virtual organized happy hours, and have the occasional weekend getaway together. In addition our call structure allows you to have 3 out of 4 weekends off each month to explore San Francisco and the amazing surrounding Bay Area. This past year we have also instituted a night float system (with call from home) at the UCSF Medical Center at Parnassus.