Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs

The UCSF Division of Cardiology recruits some of the world's best students, and educates them to become the next generation of leaders in cardiac care and research.

General Cardiology: First-Year Fellows 

2019-2020 new Cardiology fellows
Pictured left to right, new General Cardiology fellows:  Shalini Dixit, M.D.; Mattheus Ramsis, M.D.; Emily Cedarbaum, M.D.; Joseph Bayne M.D.; Katie Kentoffio, M.D.; Aaron Grober, M.D.; Joyce Njoroge, M.D.

General Cardiology: Second-Year Fellows  

2018-2019 new Cardiology fellows
Pictured left to right:  Rohit Mital, David Anderson, Satvik Ramakrishna, R. Bamvi Fohtung, Nadia Jafar, Matthew Durstenfeld

General Cardiology: Third-Year Fellows   

2017-2018 Cardiology fellows
Pictured left to right: Teresa Wang, Alan Baik, Gregory Judson, Benjamin Kelemen, Shadi Kalantarian, Alexandra (Jay) Teng