Central Division Administrative Team

All patient care issues or requests need to be directed to 415-353-2873 (Cardiovascular Care and Prevention Center main location Mission Bay; there is an answering service for after hours). See our Clinic Locations page for further information. 

Division Manager

Name Title  Email Phone
Alyse Miluck Division Manager [email protected] 415-476-1327

Academic Administrative Support

Name Title  Email Phone
Jerley Arafelis Academic Office Manager [email protected] 415-514-2140
John Chan Hospital Assistant [email protected] 415-885-3666
Marjorie Galicha Academic Analyst  [email protected] 415-353-3817
Camille Hill Academic Analyst [email protected] 415-502-8778 
Katie Hoover Academic Analyst [email protected] 415-476-9784
Carol Iwaoka Project Policy Analyst [email protected] n/a
Karalee Ko Academic Analyst [email protected] 415-502-8680
Yvonne Lau Practice Analyst [email protected] 415-502-5115
Kathy Ramsey Academic Analyst [email protected] 415-514-0992
Melody Walls Academic Analyst,
Clinical Research
[email protected] 415-514-4707
Esther Yeung Academic Analyst [email protected] 415-502-0563

Digital Communications 

Name Title  Email Phone
Jaime Carpenter Digital Communications Manager [email protected] 415-476-5159

Fellowship Programs and Resident Rotations

Name Title  Email Phone
Salina Gu Fellowship Programs Manager  [email protected] 415- 502-1115
Michael Stover Associate Fellowship Coordinator [email protected] 415-514-7288

Finance (non-sponsored)

Name Title  Email Phone
Salisa Wong Finance Operations Manager [email protected] 415-502-2741
Dereca Akins Finance Operations Analyst [email protected] 415-502-7373

Human Resources

Name Title  Email Phone
Lorraine Hart  Personnel Operations Manager [email protected]  415-514-7339

Research Finance

Name Title  Email Phone
Ben Hobson Chief Research Finance Officer [email protected]  415-476-5149
Tom Dunn Research Finance Analyst [email protected]  n/a


Name Title  Email Phone
Anders Yang Senior Director: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Transplant [email protected] 415-502-8309