Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Fellowship Program

The UCSF Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Training Program offers highly qualified MD and/or PhD graduates the opportunity to train in Cardiac Stem Cell Translational Medicine. Trainees work in the laboratories of leading investigators and collaborate with an outstanding team of researchers.

The major interrelated research areas include:

  • The role of endothelial progenitor cells in cardiovascular disease.
  • How stem cells (adult or embryonic) can be used to improve cardiac function.
  • The role of the resident cardiac progenitor cells in repairing the heart after a myocardial infarction.
  • The role of novel drugs and/or factors in minimizing the damage to the heart muscle after a myocardial infarction.

To submit an expression of interest for a fellowship in our program, please complete an application form and send to:

Yerem Yeghiazarians, MD
Director, Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Program
University of California San Francisco
505 Parnassus Ave., Box 0103
San Francisco, CA 94143 USA
(415) 353-3817
[email protected]

To learn more about the Translational Cardiac Stem Cell Research program, please visit our page.