Arun Padmanabhan, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

CLINICAL INTERESTS: Dr. Padmanabhan is a cardiologist specializing in general cardiology. His specific interests include preventive cardiology, lamin A/C gene (LMNA) associated cardiomyopathies, and right heart disease in athletes.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Dr. Padmanabhan’s research focuses on understanding the gene-regulatory and epigenetic pathways that govern cell fate decisions during early cardiac development and cell state transitions in the pathophysiology of heart failure.
2017 - Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship, University of California San Francisco
2014 - Internal Medicine Residency, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
M.D., 2012 - , University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., 2010 - Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Pennsylvania
A.B., 2003 - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Washington University in St. Louis
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