11 winners announced for Cardiology Division Spot Awards

The UCSF Health Division of Cardiology leadership congratulate the 11 Spot award winners from Cardiology for 2018-2019.  Spot Awards recognize "in-the-moment contributions".  Every year faculty and staff from the Division nominate eligible staff from Cardiology for these awards to recognize their exceptional contributions.  This year the following people were recognized and received SPOT awards: 

  • Ricardo Barrera Camarillo - Applications Programmer, Eureka Research Platform
  • Alejandro Cabrera Nolasco - Applications Programmer, Eureka Research Platform
  • Helena Eitel – User Experience (UE) Designer, Eureka Research Platform
  • Ben Hobson - Chief Research Finance Officer
  • Patrick Maher – Director of Operations, Eureka Research Platform
  • Greg Nah – Senior Statistician
  • Todd Parsnick – Applications Program Supervisor, Eureka Research Platform
  • Cynthia Partida – Clinical Research Supervisor
  • Kathy Ramsey - Academic Administrative Analyst
  • Ryan Runge – Software Development Manager, Eureka Research Platform
  • Jairo Vazquez Munoz - Lead Research Programmer, Eureka Research Platform


Spot Awards recognize "in-the-moment contributions".  Prize amount is $1,000 (or up to 10% of base salary, whichever is lower).

To be an eligible nominee for a Spot Award, an employee needs to have the following qualifications:

  • Nominee's home department must be within the School of Medicine
  • Nominee must be either a campus policy-covered (unrepresented) staff (PSS or MSP) or a represented staff in the clerical (CX) bargaining unit
  • Nominee must hold a career or contract position at 50% time or more for the last 6+ months
  • Nominee must have received a satisfactory performance rating on the nominee’s most recent performance evaluation

For more information on how to nominate staff, please continue reading.

How does the nomination process work?

The nomination form can be found and filled out at this link. Please complete the nomination form and it will be routed to the nominee's unit approver.

Who can nominate deserving staff members?

Anyone. However, if you are not the manager of the nominated employee, consult with the nominee's supervisor prior to submitting the nomination form (in Cardiology, please ask Jerley Arafelis if you are uncertain who the supervisor is).

Can I nominate someone from another division/department?

Yes, you can. If you nominate an employee in a department participating on the Spot Award Portal, your nomination form will be automatically submitted to the unit approver of the employee being nominated. If you would like to nominate someone in a department not participating on the Spot Award Portal, obtain a PDF nomination form and send it to the employee's supervisor, if you have the contact info, or to your manager, who can route it appropriately. The nominee's home department will make the determination whether the nominee will receive a Spot Award or not, as the award will come from the nominee's unit.