Staff Spotlight: Heather Miyashiro, NP

Heather Miyashiro
Heather Miyashiro, NP

Heather Miyashiro is a Nurse Practitioner in the UCSF Cardiology clinic at Daniel Burnham Court. She grew up in Yuba City, California. Prior to joining the UCSF cardiology team in 2016, Heather worked in a private cardiology practice.

Heather enjoys her work because of the variety of conditions and patients that she cares for in General Cardiology. She said “From preventative care to treatment of complex coronary and valvular disease and arrhythmias… It’s rewarding when we can really help patients feel better. I was working in a private cardiology practice before the whole team joined UCSF together. I like getting to know our culturally diverse patients and collaborating with our attendings physicians.”

Heather is known for her hard-working commitment to patient care. Dr. Kirsten Tolstrup notes, “Heather Miyashiro is an outstanding advanced practice provider. She cares for our patients with great empathy, professionalism, and clinical skills. I am always very comfortable if Heather sees one of my patients, as my patients love her and she is always able to handle any situation however complex it may be. Her calm and her efficiency are something we all could learn from.”

In addition to her clinical work, Heather also enjoys her role as preceptor to Nurse Practitioner students in the UCSF School of Nursing. Outside of work, Heather is very active and enjoys hiking, cycling, playing baseball with her sons, and reading.