Dr. Ethan Weiss Volunteers at NY Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital in the Fight Against COVID-19


On April 25, Dr. Ethan Weiss left the Bay Area for New York to volunteer at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Hospital in Manhattan. Chronicling his experience on Twitter, Dr. Weiss provides a first-hand, honest account of the COVID-19 crisis in New York. His observations are narrated with humor and sincerity – see the links below.

Day 1: https://twitter.com/ethanjweiss/status/1254938947672825857/photo/1

Day 2: https://twitter.com/ethanjweiss/status/1255310099796635648/photo/1

Day 3 and 4: https://twitter.com/ethanjweiss/status/1256029025035644928/photo/1

Day 8: https://twitter.com/ethanjweiss/status/1257479324598501376/photo/1

Day 9: https://twitter.com/ethanjweiss/status/1257845400230334464/photo/1