Fellow Spotlight: Geoff Tison, MD

Dr. Geoff Tison was born in Chicago, and grew up in Orange County. He graduated from Brown University with a bachelor’s in neuroscience, then earned his master of public health and medical degrees from Johns Hopkins, where he also completed his residency. He became interested in cardiology because of the public health implications of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Tison has done considerable clinical research in metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease, and has participated in public health projects in Singapore, South Africa and Thailand. Most recently, he volunteered in the China-California Heart Watch program. He traveled to small villages in Yunnan Province, screening schoolchildren for congenital cardiovascular diseases that can result in death by age 20 if left untreated. “Once these conditions were fixed, these kids could potentially have close to a normal life span and quality of life,” said Dr. Tison. “The impact was very measurable, and it was a great experience for me.”

Dr. Tison plans to pursue a career in academic medicine, with a focus on clinical and epidemiological investigations that impact public health and global health. “In the next few years, I’m looking forward to gaining more clinical cardiology exposure, and will be out on the hunt for other interesting [research] questions,” he said. He is also interested in bringing a creative approach to medicine, applying innovative ideas to both research and health care delivery.

Dr. Tison enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, and playing the violin.