Fellow Spotlight: Krishan Soni, MD

Dr. Krishan Soni (pronounced “KRIH-shan SO-knee”) was born and raised on Long Island. Many of his family members suffered from heart disease, sparking an interest in medicine. He earned bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and economics at Yale University, where he also obtained his medical degree and a master’s in business administration. Dr. Soni then completed his residency at UCSF, where he also served as chief resident for quality improvement and patient safety.

He became interested in cardiology because of his family’s health history as well as the physics and biology of the heart. The field also dovetailed with his interest in health care systems and management. “Cardiac disease is a major burden in the U.S. and the world, and there are many things we can do to deliver better patient care and create a more efficient and cost-saving system,” he said.

So far his fellowship rotations have included the cardiac catheterization lab and the heart failure and transplant service. “We see really sick patients that most hospitals don’t have the resources to care for,” said Dr. Soni. “We’re very lucky to see that specialty medicine, and to work with knowledgeable faculty who are amazing teachers.” He plans to pursue a career that includes both clinical care as well as work on a broader level, such as helping to shape national health policy or improving systems of health care delivery.

Dr. Soni is married to Ahn Jiwajinda, a health care quality improvement analyst. Together they enjoy traveling internationally.