Basic Science Training In the Molecular and Cellular Biology

In addition to research training with the Cardiology Faculty listed below, UCSF's Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) offers extensive training opportunities in basic science and its application to cardiovascular biology and disease. Training plans for individual fellows range from traditional postdoctoral fellowships to programs that include both formal graduate coursework and bench research for M.D.s who seek to broaden or deepen their background.

UCSF Heath's Cardiology Division and the CVRI jointly offer a Training Program in Molecular and Cellular Biology of Cardiovascular Disease. Fellows may apply to the CVRI program after completing their two years of clinical training. Many training opportunities and alternative funding sources are available.

For additional information about CVRI faculty and training programs, see their website If you are chosen to interview with the fellowship program and would like to meet with a specific potential mentor listed with CVRI on your interview day, please contact Salina Gu at [email protected] or (415) 502-1115. For additional information about CVRI training programs, please contact Aja Flores at [email protected]  or 415) 476-1222.