For Patients

If you would like to be seen at UCSF's Division of Cardiology:

If you feel that you would like to visit the physicians and professional healthcare team at UCSF's Division of Cardiology, there are a few basics you should remember.

  1. If you have a personal physician, ask him/her to refer you. Your personal physician has records of your entire medical history- from what medications you currently take to that upset stomach you complained about four years ago. Working with your personal physician assures you that the team at UCSF will learn about you, the patient- not merely a diagnosis.
  2. Make sure you have your medical records with you, or they can be sent to us. For you to receive the most beneficial care, it's important that the physicians at UCSF can look back at x-rays, test reports, and notes from previous healthcare providers. Most physicians and healthcare organizations will forward your reports to us if you ask.
  3. In their containers, bring all the medicines that you are currently taking with you to your visit. We would like you to bring the medicines in the bottles that you get from your pharmacy; put all the bottles in a paper bag and bring them to your appointment. This is much better than just a list of the medicines, or the pills in a pillbox!
  4. Have your insurance information handy when you call. So that you are fully aware of what will or will not be covered under the medical insurance plan(s) you have, make sure you tell the UCSF representative what your coverage is- before your first appointment.
  5. Make a list of your questions. At UCSF, we'll try to explain everything you'll need to know about your individual treatment plan- but if you have a question, it's best to write it down to refer to during your appointment. We want to make sure we address any and all of your concerns.
  6. Examine travelling routes and, if necessary, reserve lodgings. If, as many of our patients, you are not familiar with San Francisco, please refer to the directions located on this page as well as the maps on the main UCSF website. If you are going to be staying overnight, make sure to make your plans and call hotels early for reservations.
  7. And, Relax. At UCSF, you'll have a team of professionals working to provide you with the most up-to-date treatment appropriate for your medical condition.