Marfan Clinic

The Marfan clinic at UCSF provides multidisciplinary care for individuals with or at risk for connective tissue disorders such as Marfan syndrome, related genetic syndromes, and inherited vascular conditions. We aim to help people and families determine whether they have genetic condition, find out why they have genetic condition, what treatment they need, the impact to their future health and health of their family members.

You may meet with a cardiologist, have an EKG, echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) or other tests to aid in diagnosis or ongoing treatment decisions. You will meet with a medical geneticist and genetic counselor to discuss genetic concerns related to your medical history and/or family history. The medical geneticist will perform physical examination to help determine if you have a genetic syndrome such as Marfan or related conditions. If appropriate, the geneticist and genetic counselor will discuss genetic testing, important medical and personal issues to consider about genetic testing, and the potential implications for you and your family members. The geneticist, genetic counselor and cardiologist communicate their findings to provide recommendations for follow-up care for you and your family members. We may also discuss potential research opportunities as appropriate based on your condition and interest. All research involvement is optional and your participation will not affect your medical care.