Vascular Medicine

At UCSF, our cardiologists evaluate and treat the peripheral vascular needs of patients. They use an interdisciplinary approach with podiatrists, vascular surgeons, and radiologists to evaluate claudication and limb ischemia, non-healing ulcers and renal vascular disease with hypertension. They perform Ankle Brachial Index measurements and use ultrasound, and computed tomography to assist in the evaluation of the patients’ renal, subclavian, iliac, and femoral arteries.

The interventional cardiologists are specially trained to perform diagnostic tests, called peripheral angiograms, to identify blockages in the vessels. They are able to treat significant blockages in the peripheral system with angioplasty and stents.

Director Peripheral Interventional Program
Yerem Yeghiazarians, MD, FACC/FAHA


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